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How to decide on an android casino

Android has taken the world by storm and is widely regarded as the biggest mobile operating system, with more than 80% of the mobile market using Android. The time have truly changed with slimmer and faster mobile devices and light speed internet connections, the growing opportunities for playing casino games on your mobile device are endless. We hope this write up helps you decide on what android casino is right for you. We will cover some ways in which you can play your casino games on your mobile and what options are available to you when using casino software on your mobile phone, highlighting the ones that work best on smartphones.

Download or Browser Games for your Android devices?

Downloading the mobile app of a casino allows you to download the lobby and the cashier portion of the casino and allows you to download one casino game at a time opposed to the full 200 odd games all at once.

Playing casino games directly from your browser may not work all the time. Some games are coded in HTML5 and have the ability to be played on your mobile device via the browser. However some of the older flash games have issues with displaying on most modern mobile devices. There are ways around this like using a shockwave plugin on your mobile device. But the results are not always promising.

What casino games can I play on my Android device?

HTML5 Casino slots are the best operating mobile games for your Android device. Although some slot games have separate downloads for Bonus rounds and features, as they tend not to appear right away. However it’s worth waiting for the gain those extra bonus coins and points during your game play. It’s safe to say that the new versions of casino slots that are available in HTML5 are nothing short of amazing, offering up impressive bonus features, crystal clear graphics and astonishing sound effects. You won’t know what we’re raving about until you try it.

The quality of table games such as Blackjack, Roulette or Caribbean Stud is more dependent on how well the casino software provider has optimized them. Video poker and bingo games are actually perfectly built for mobile devices and you’ll find that many of them already support the Android operating system.